DO Project strives to enhance and safeguard the welfare of children in developing countries and in underprivileged communities. We are a relatively young NGO, set up in 2013, with the view of working with children from these communities. Our projects are aimed at improving the long term well-being of these children and their communities through education programmes. 

Our main project kicked off in Cambodia in 2013 where we introduced a developmental arts program that was aimed at teaching English through drama, art, song, and dance. Through our project in Cambodia we work with orphans, children living in institutions, and children living in low-income families giving them more access to food, care and education.  Since 2013 we have been working with two local organisations in Cambodia - the Sacrifice Families and Orphanages Development Association (SFODA), an orphanage; and Le Restaurant des Enfants (LRDE), a soup kitchen for street children. In the meantime, our child sponsorship programme offers them the opportunity for a second chance in life.

In Malta DO Project has sponsored a developmental drama programme and we are currently exploring options to help other children in need in the Maltese community. We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and energetic people in order to create and maintain a dynamic and committed volunteer team to be part of our projects, share their ideas, spearhead events and activities, and DO their bit to help us expand our work further afield. 

DO Project is a registered NGO in terms of the Voluntary Organisations Act, Malta. (VO/0766)