Birthday Party at LRDE

On June 5, the children that fall under the care of Les Restaurants Des Enfants (LRDE - one of our partner organisations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia) will celebrate their ‘birthday’. All these children live in poverty and many of them live on the streets and don’t know their date of birth. And so every year LRDE organises a huge birthday party thereby offering all the children the chance to celebrate this special day, which we all take for granted.


This annual event gets bigger and bigger every year and this year more than 500 children will gather together for a morning of activities to celebrate.

We are happy to announce that once again - thanks to your generous donations – DO Project will be supporting the birthday party and funds have been sent up to contribute towards it.

Every child will receive a gift and some food; and LRDE staff report that the children cherish the food they get (including special treats like apples or meat) which they take home to share with their brothers, sisters, parents or grandparents

DO Project is happy to be able to celebrate the art of sharing with you – our sponsors and benefactors; whose generosity allows us to celebrate children everywhere.


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