New project - LRDE 3 - HELP

During our visit to Phnom Penh Cambodia this week, we visited LRDE 3, a more recent project carried out by Les Restaurants Des Enfants – LRDE which opened just over a year ago. It's another community kitchen, which caters for a group children living in a more remote part of the city. Continue reading

Birthday Party at LRDE

On June 5, the children that fall under the care of Les Restaurants Des Enfants (LRDE - one of our partner organisations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia) will celebrate their ‘birthday’. All these children live in poverty and many of them live on the streets and don’t know their date of birth. And so every year LRDE organises a huge birthday party thereby offering all the children the chance to celebrate this special day, which we all take for granted.   Continue reading

Thank you to Voices Foundation!

The Voices Celebration concerts held last October raised a considerable amount of money for myriad charitable causes. On May 3, the VOICES Foundation distributed the funds raised to beneficiary organisations, identified by the VOICES Beneficiary Advisory Board, which analysed all the project applications received - and DO Project is happy to be one of the 26 voluntary organisations to benefit from this amazing fundraising endeavour.  Continue reading

HAIR DO – fundraising event for street children in Phnom Penh

DO Project has partnered up with Dean Gera Salons to raise funds for haircuts for the street children in Cambodia.  Continue reading

SFODA seaside trip

Annual outings are a highlight for the children at SFODA, and something they look forward to all year long.  Continue reading

Linen and kitchen equipment project

In December 2015, Trabuxu Bistro, Valletta, organised a fundraiser to benefit two NGOs including DO Project.   Continue reading