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During our visit to Phnom Penh Cambodia this week, we visited LRDE 3, a more recent project carried out by Les Restaurants Des Enfants – LRDE which opened just over a year ago. It's another community kitchen, which caters for a group children living in a more remote part of the city.

We arrived at the kitchen to a band of smiling faces, and all the children present happily joined in our session of dance, music and storytelling. These children seemed different to the ones we support in LRDE 2 - we just knew that they must be living in even harsher conditions than the other kids. 

Children playing at LRDE3

After our lesson, which broke the ice nicely, we walked to a nearby pagoda and then just beyond that, we encountered a dump site, which has become these children’s home. Images alone cannot describe what it felt like there, and how hard these families have it. They spend their days scavenging through the piles of garbage for scraps, and relying on rain water, which is their only source.


The 'lake' you see in the pictures is pure drainage, and some have to either swim across it, or use a piece of Jablo as a boat, just to reach their home. In bad weather access to their homes is cut off entirely.

They don't have a choice to move anywhere better. This is their best option right now.

So we are writing this message asking for your urgent support. Help us raise money to keep LRDE 3 open to maintain this hub, where these children can come to eat, drink, and be encouraged to get an education.

If you are able to donate towards this project or would like further information, please email

Thank you!


- The DO Project Team x

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