Thank you to Voices Foundation!

The Voices Celebration concerts held last October raised a considerable amount of money for myriad charitable causes.

On May 3, the VOICES Foundation distributed the funds raised to beneficiary organisations, identified by the VOICES Beneficiary Advisory Board, which analysed all the project applications received - and DO Project is happy to be one of the 26 voluntary organisations to benefit from this amazing fundraising endeavour. 

Since 2015 DO Project, has been supporting a number of children living well below the poverty line in the vicinity of a pagoda in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

These children are practically homeless and work in the streets. With no proper house or parental support, food and water is never guaranteed, causing them to go hungry and become susceptible to infections and illnesses.

Together with LRDE (one of our Cambodian partner NGOs) we had embarked on a project to support a group of 15 children and try to get them out of the poverty cycle. This is a long-term project that provides them with daily nutrition and education. They are ‘home-schooled’ by a professional teacher so they could catch up on their studies and eventually attend a proper school in the city. Bear in mind that these kids have never been in a proper school environment so we hope to ease them in and hopefully entice them to regularly attend state school. Education is key and the only way for these kids to escape poverty.

Thanks to the Voices Foundation we have received nearly 100% of the budget needed to support these children for one year – our heartfelt thanks go to Voices Foundation committee and volunteers for their hard work and dedication over 25 years of service; while acknowledging that it is thanks to benefactors like this that DO Project’s work can carry on.


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